A DWT based approach for Image Steganography

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Authors Della Baby, Jitha Thomas, Gisny Augustine, Elsa George, Neenu Rosia Michael
Journal/Conference Name International Journal of Applied Science and Engineering
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Paper Abstract Steganography is a data hiding technique that is widely used in various information securing applications. Steganography transmits data by hiding the existence of the message so that a viewer cannot identify the transmission of message and hence not able to decrypt it. This work proposes a data securing technique that is used for hiding multiple color images into a single color image using the Discrete Wavelet Transform. The cover image is split up into R, G and B planes. Secret images are embedded into these planes. An N-level decomposition of the cover image and the secret images are done and some frequency components of the same are combined. Secret images are then extracted from the stego image. Here, the stego image obtained has a less perceptible changes compared to the original image with high overall security.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language C++

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