A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm using Gaussian Process based Inverse Modeling

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Implementation of a inverse model based MOEA (IM-MOEA).
*To use the programme, please simply run IMMOEA_Main.m

*The non-dominated sorting (P_sort.m) adopted in IMMOEA is the ENS-SS algorithm,
where the source code is provided by Dr. Xingyi Zhang. More details of ENS-SS can be referred to:

X. Zhang, Y. Tian, R. Cheng, and Y. Jin.
An efficient approach to non-dominated sorting for evolutionary multi-objective optimization.
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 2014

*The Gaussian process is realized using the GPML matlab toolbox, downloaded from:

Authors Ran Cheng , Yaochu Jin, Kaname Narukawa and Bernhard Sendhoff
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
Paper Category
Paper Abstract
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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