CA-EHN: Commonsense Analogy from E-HowNet

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Authors Peng-Hsuan Li, Wei-Yun Ma, Tsan-Yu Yang
Journal/Conference Name LREC 2020 5
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Paper Abstract Embedding commonsense knowledge is crucial for end-to-end models to generalize inference beyond training corpora. However, existing word analogy datasets have tended to be handcrafted, involving permutations of hundreds of words with only dozens of pre-defined relations, mostly morphological relations and named entities. In this work, we model commonsense knowledge down to word-level analogical reasoning by leveraging E-HowNet, an ontology that annotates 88K Chinese words with their structured sense definitions and English translations. We present CA-EHN, the first commonsense word analogy dataset containing 90,505 analogies covering 5,656 words and 763 relations. Experiments show that CA-EHN stands out as a great indicator of how well word representations embed commonsense knowledge. The dataset is publicly available at
Date of publication 2019
Code Programming Language Unspecified

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