Compact Bilinear Pooling

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Authors Ning Zhang, Yang Gao, Oscar Beijbom, Trevor Darrell
Journal/Conference Name CVPR 2016 6
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Paper Abstract Bilinear models has been shown to achieve impressive performance on a wide range of visual tasks, such as semantic segmentation, fine grained recognition and face recognition. However, bilinear features are high dimensional, typically on the order of hundreds of thousands to a few million, which makes them impractical for subsequent analysis. We propose two compact bilinear representations with the same discriminative power as the full bilinear representation but with only a few thousand dimensions. Our compact representations allow back-propagation of classification errors enabling an end-to-end optimization of the visual recognition system. The compact bilinear representations are derived through a novel kernelized analysis of bilinear pooling which provide insights into the discriminative power of bilinear pooling, and a platform for further research in compact pooling methods. Experimentation illustrate the utility of the proposed representations for image classification and few-shot learning across several datasets.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language Multiple

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