Continuous control with deep reinforcement learning

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Authors Nicolas Heess, Tom Erez, Jonathan J. Hunt, David Silver, Yuval Tassa, Alexander Pritzel, Timothy P. Lillicrap, Daan Wierstra
Journal/Conference Name Proceedings - 2019 Chinese Automation Congress, CAC 2019
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Paper Abstract We adapt the ideas underlying the success of Deep Q-Learning to the continuous action domain. We present an actor-critic, model-free algorithm based on the deterministic policy gradient that can operate over continuous action spaces. Using the same learning algorithm, network architecture and hyper-parameters, our algorithm robustly solves more than 20 simulated physics tasks, including classic problems such as cartpole swing-up, dexterous manipulation, legged locomotion and car driving. Our algorithm is able to find policies whose performance is competitive with those found by a planning algorithm with full access to the dynamics of the domain and its derivatives. We further demonstrate that for many of the tasks the algorithm can learn policies end-to-end directly from raw pixel inputs.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language Multiple

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