Economics Journals and Data Policies

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Authors Ana Trisovic and Eleanor Mattern
Journal/Conference Name Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
Paper Category
Paper Abstract A growing number of journals are adopting data sharing policies to spport replication and reproducibility in research. This study investigated the existence of these policies in top economics journal and was conducted in February 2019. We examined a total of 37 economics journals for their data policies. We formed our sample by including the journals that appeared in a journal ranking by IDEAS/RePEc Aggregate Rankings for Journals and the journals that appeared in an informal analysis of data policies posted 5 years ago on an Economics blog.To locate the data policies, we began with a simple Google search of Journal Name AND data policy. We did a review of the journal website to determine whether the data policy may have been described using a different label (such as replication policy).
Date of publication 2019
Code Programming Language Jupyter Notebook

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