Feedback Linearization based on Gaussian Processes with event-triggered Online Learning

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Authors Jonas Umlauft, Sandra Hirche
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Combining control engineering with nonparametric modeling techniques from machine learning allows to control systems without analytic description using data-driven models. Most existing approaches separate learning, i.e. the system identification based on a fixed dataset, and control, i.e. the execution of the model-based control law. This separation makes the performance highly sensitive to the initial selection of training data and possibly requires very large datasets. This article proposes a learning feedback linearizing control law using online closed-loop identification. The employed Gaussian process model updates its training data only if the model uncertainty becomes too large. This event-triggered online learning ensures high data efficiency and thereby reduces the computational complexity, which is a major barrier for using Gaussian processes under real-time constraints. We propose safe forgetting strategies of data points to adhere to budget constraint and to further increase data-efficiency. We show asymptotic stability for the tracking error under the proposed event-triggering law and illustrate the effective identification and control in simulation.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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