Height-Height Correlation Function to Determine Grain Size in Iron Phthalocyanine Thin Films

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Authors Thomas Gredig, Evan A Silverstein, Matthew P Byrne
Journal/Conference Name Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Quasi one-dimensional iron chains are formed in thermally evaporated iron phthalocyanine (FeC32N8H16) thin films on silicon substrates. The chain length is modified by the deposition temperature during growth. Atomic force microscopy images show spherical grains at low deposition temperatures that become highly elongated at high deposition temperatures due to diffusion. The grain distributions are quantitatively characterized with a watershed-based segmentation algorithm and a height-height correlation function. The grain size distributions are found to be characteristically distinct for the α-phase and β-phase samples. The average effective grain size from the distribution is proportional to the correlation length found from the height-height correlation function and grows exponentially with deposition temperature. The long-range roughness and Hurst parameter increase only slightly with the deposition temperature.
Date of publication 2013
Code Programming Language R

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