How Different Forms of Health Matter to Political Participation

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Authors Barry C. Burden, Jason M Fletcher, Pamela Herd, Bradley M. Jones, Donald Patrick Moynihan
Journal/Conference Name The journal of politics
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Physical and mental health is known to have wide influence over most aspects of social life-be it schooling and employment or marriage and broader social engagement-but has received limited attention in explaining different forms of political participation. We analyze a unique dataset with a rich array of objective measures of cognitive and physical well-being and two objective measures of political participation, voting and contributing money to campaigns and parties. For voting, each aspect of health has a powerful effect on par with traditional predictors of participation such as education. In contrast, health has little to no effect on making campaign contributions. We recommend additional attention to the multifaceted affects of health on different forms of political participation.
Date of publication 2017
Code Programming Language R

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