iSimp in BioC standard format: Enhancing the interoperability of a sentence simplification system

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Authors Y. Peng, C. O. Tudor, M. Torii, C. H. Wu, K. Vijay-Shanker
Journal/Conference Name Database : the journal of biological databases and curation
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Paper Abstract With the accelerating growth of biomedical publications, biologists have difficulty in keeping up with the new findings reported in the papers. Natural language processing (NLP) techniques have thus been developed to process the biomedical texts. However, the syntactic complexity of the language poses a challenge in designing and applying NLP systems. One solution is to simplify sentences before applying NLP techniques, thus concealing the syntactic complexity from further NLP steps. For this purpose, we have previously developed iSimp (1), a sentence simplification system.
Date of publication 2014
Code Programming Language Python

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