Keep It Real: a Window to Real Reality in Virtual Reality

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Authors Baihan Lin
Journal/Conference Name IJCAI 2020 4
Paper Category
Paper Abstract This paper proposed a new interaction paradigm in the virtual reality (VR) environments, which consists of a virtual mirror or window projected onto a virtual surface, representing the correct perspective geometry of a mirror or window reflecting the real world. This technique can be applied to various videos, live streaming apps, augmented and virtual reality settings to provide an interactive and immersive user experience. To support such a perspective-accurate representation, we implemented computer vision algorithms for feature detection and correspondence matching. To constrain the solutions, we incorporated an automatically tuning scaling factor upon the homography transform matrix such that each image frame follows a smooth transition with the user in sight. The system is a real-time rendering framework where users can engage their real-life presence with the virtual space.
Date of publication 2020
Code Programming Language Python

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