Methods for Restricting Message Space in Public-Key Encryption

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Authors Yusuke SAKAI, Keita EMURA, Goichiro HANAOKA, Yutaka KAWAI, Kazumasa OMOTE
Journal/Conference Name IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
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Paper Abstract Cloud facility is becoming common day by day due to its elasticity nature and availability anywhere over the internet. Meanwhile it has also become a major security threat due to putting all data in the hands of cloud service providers. Mostly all cloud service providers claim that data uploaded on cloud is fully secure and un-accessible to un-authorized users but actually how much secure is ... [Show full abstract], Group Encryption (GE) is a recently proposed cryptographic primitive protecting the privacy of the receivers in a communication system. A majority of group encryption schemes are implicitly based on public key infrastructure (PKI) setting in which the management of certificates are complicated. Identity based encryption (IBE) seems to be a good alternative for PKI in GE, but the private key ... [Show full abstract], In this paper we present a securing patient medical images and authentication system to increase the security, confidentiality and integrity of medical images transmitted through the Internet. A public key encryption technique was used to encrypt the patient capturing fingerprint and then embed it into the patient medical image. The fingerprint has been encrypted using the Rivest-Shamir-Adelman ... [Show full abstract], Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a critical component of information infrastructure, which has strong impacts through cybersecurity to the whole system of interconnected independent critical infrastructures, particularly in the context of fast growth of Internet of Things, where traditional critical infrastructure systems are transforming into smart cyber-physical systems. PKI is a mechanism of ... [Show full abstract]
Date of publication 2013
Code Programming Language C++

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