mipfp: An R Package for Multidimensional Array Fitting and Simulating Multivariate Bernoulli Distributions

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Authors Johan Barthelemy, Thomas Suesse
Journal/Conference Name Journal of Statistical Software, Code Snippets
Paper Category
Paper Abstract This paper explains the mipfp package for R with the core functionality of updating an d-dimensional array with respect to given target marginal distributions, which in turn can be multi-dimensional. The implemented methods include the iterative proportional fitting procedure (IPFP), the maximum likelihood method, the minimum chi-square and least squares procedures. The package also provides an application of the IPFP to simulate data from a multivariate Bernoulli distribution. The functionalities of the package are illustrated through two practical examples: the update of a 3-dimensional contingency table to match the targets for a synthetic population and the estimation and simulation of the joint distribution of the binary attribute impaired pulmonary function as used by Qaqish, Zink, and Preisser (2012).
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language R

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