Nitrogen and carbon concentrations and stable isotope ratios: Data from a 15N tracer study in short-form Spartina alterniflora and Distichlis spicata.

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Authors Troy D. Hill, Nathalie R. Sommer, Caroline R. Kanaskie, Emily A. Santos, Autumn J. Oczkowski
Journal/Conference Name Marine Biology
Paper Category
Paper Abstract We present four datasets that provide information on primary production, nitrogen (N) uptake and allocation in two salt marsh grasses, short-form Spartina alterniflora and Distichlis spicata. These four datasets were generated during a month-long stable isotope (15N) tracer study described in the companion manuscript (Hill et al., 2018). They include an allometry dataset containing mass and height data for individual plants harvested from Colt State Park, Bristol, Rhode Island and used to nondestructively estimate plant masses. A second dataset contains weekly stem height measurements collected over the course of the 15N tracer study. Also included are high resolution data from 49 vegetated compartments (leaves, stems, fine/coarse roots, rhizomes) and bulk sediment depth intervals, reporting the mass, carbon and N concentrations, and stable isotope ratios measured following the harvest of cores over time. Additionally, we provide a complementary dataset with estimates of microbial removal from potential and ambient denitrification enzyme assays. These data, along with source code used in their analysis, are compiled in the NitrogenUptake2016 R package available from the Comprehensive R Archive Network.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language R

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