Noise-Aware Unsupervised Deep Lidar-Stereo Fusion

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Authors Pan Ji, Yiran Zhong, Yuchao Dao, Hongdong Li, Xuelian Cheng
Journal/Conference Name CVPR 2019 6
Paper Category
Paper Abstract In this paper, we present LidarStereoNet, the first unsupervised Lidar-stereo fusion network, which can be trained in an end-to-end manner without the need of ground truth depth maps. By introducing a novel "Feedback Loop'' to connect the network input with output, LidarStereoNet could tackle both noisy Lidar points and misalignment between sensors that have been ignored in existing Lidar-stereo fusion studies. Besides, we propose to incorporate a piecewise planar model into network learning to further constrain depths to conform to the underlying 3D geometry. Extensive quantitative and qualitative evaluations on both real and synthetic datasets demonstrate the superiority of our method, which outperforms state-of-the-art stereo matching, depth completion and Lidar-Stereo fusion approaches significantly.
Date of publication 2019
Code Programming Language Multiple

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