Parallel optimization on the Entropic Cone

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exttt{EntropicCone.jl}. Its aim is to improve the computational repoducibility of the recent progress on the approximation of the entropic cone and to make them easily accessible for its many applications. These applications include the capacity region of multi-source network coding, converse theorems for multi-terminal problems of information theory, bounds on the information ratios in secret sharing schemes and conditional independence among subvectors of a random vector.Disclaimer: The provided code links for this paper are external links. Science Nest has no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of these links. Also, by downloading this code(s), you agree to comply with the terms of use as set out by the author(s) of the code(s).

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Authors Benoît LegatBenoît Legat, Raphael M. Jungers
Journal/Conference Name 3
Paper Category
Paper Abstract We introduce a parallelizable algorithm for approximate optimization on the entropic cone. We also present the toolbox
Date of publication 2016
Code Programming Language Julia

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