Radio tomographic imaging with wireless networks

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Authors J. Wilson, N. Patwari
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Radio Tomographic Imaging (RTI) is an emerging technology for imaging the attenuation caused by physical objects in wireless networks. This paper presents a linear model for using received signal strength (RSS) measurements to obtain images of moving objects. Noise models are investigated based on real measurements of a deployed RTI system. Mean-squared error (MSE) bounds on image accuracy are derived, which are used to calculate the accuracy of an RTI system for a given node geometry. The ill-posedness of RTI is discussed, and Tikhonov regularization is used to derive an image estimator. Experimental results of an RTI experiment with 28 nodes deployed around a 441 square foot area are presented.
Date of publication 2010
Code Programming Language C

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