rLDCP: R package for text generation form data

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Authors Patricia CondeClemente, Jose M. Alonso, Gracian Trivino
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Paper Abstract The generation of text reports from numerical and symbolic data is getting the attention of many researchers. This paper presents an R package useful to develop computational systems able to generate linguistic descriptions of complex phenomena. It generates text reports from numerical and symbolic data related to the phenomena under consideration. This is an implementation of our previous research work that is supported by the computational theory of perceptions grounded in the fuzzy sets theory. Developing open source software while we follow the key issues (novelty, usability, interoperability, and relevance) will facilitate the adoption of this new discipline in the research community and industry. We present illustrative examples that show how to use this new R package. The examples reveal that the package is ready to become a relevant tool in the research field of text generation from data.
Date of publication 2017
Code Programming Language R

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