Role analysis using the ego-ERGM: A look at environmental interest group coalitions

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Authors Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier, Benjamin W. Campbell, Dino P. Christenson, Z. Navabi
Journal/Conference Name Social Networks
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Paper Abstract Interest groups coordinate to achieve political goals. However, these groups are heterogeneous, and the division of labor within these coalitions varies. We explore the presence of distinct roles in coalitions of environmental interest groups, and analyse which factors predict if an organization takes on a particular role. To model these latent dynamics, we introduce the ego-ERGM. We find that a group's budget, member size, staff size, and degree centrality are influential in distinguishing between three role assignments. These results provide insight into the roles adopted in carrying out coalition tasks. This approach shows promise for understanding a host of networks.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language R

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