rTableICC: An R package for random generation of 2x2xK and RxC contingency tables

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Authors Haydar Demirhan
Journal/Conference Name R JOURNAL
Paper Category
Paper Abstract In this paper, we describe the R package rTableICC that provides an interface for random generation of 2×2×K and R×C contingency tables constructed over either intraclass-correlated or uncorrelated individuals. Intraclass correlations arise in studies where sampling units include more than one individual and these individuals are correlated. The package implements random generation of contingency tables over individuals with or without intraclass correlations under various sampling plans. The package include two functions for the generation of K 2×2 tables over product-multinomial sampling schemes and that of 2×2×K tables under Poisson or multinomial sampling plans. It also contains two functions that generate R×C tables under product-multinomial, multinomial or Poisson sampling plans with or without intraclass correlations. The package also includes a function for random number generation from a given probability distribution. In addition to the contingency table format, the package also provides raw data required for further estimation purposes.
Date of publication 2016
Code Programming Language R

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