sdm: a reproducible and extensible R platform for species distribution modelling

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Authors Babak Naimi, Miguel B. Ara├║jo
Journal/Conference Name Ecography
Paper Category
Paper Abstract sdm is an object-oriented, reproducible and extensible, platform for species distribution modelling. It uses individual species and community-based approaches, enabling ensembles of models to be fitted and evaluated, to project species potential distributions in space and time. It provides a standardized and unified structure for handling species distributions data and modelling techniques, and supports markedly different modelling approaches, including correlative, process-based (mechanistic), agent-based, and cellular automata. The object-oriented design of software is such that scientists can modify existing methods, extend the framework by developing new methods or modelling procedures, and share them to be reproduced by other scientists. sdm can handle spatial and temporal data for single or multiple species and uses high performance computing solutions to speed up modelling and simulations. The framework is implemented in R, providing a flexible and easy-to-use GUI interface.
Date of publication 2016
Code Programming Language R

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