Single Image Deblurring with Adaptive Dictionary Learning

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Authors Zhe Hu, Jia-Bin Huang, Ming-Hsuan Yang
Journal/Conference Name IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
Paper Category
Paper Abstract We propose a motion deblurring algorithm that exploits sparsity constraints of image patches using one single frame. In our formulation, each image patch is encoded with sparse coefficients using an over-complete dictionary. The sparsity constraints facilitate recovering the latent image without solving an ill-posed deconvolution problem. In addition, the dictionary is learned and updated directly from one single frame without using additional images. The proposed method iteratively utilizes sparsity constraints to recover latent image, estimates the deblur kernel, and updates the dictionary directly from one single image. The final deblurred image is then recovered once the deblur kernel is estimated using our method. Experiments show that the proposed algorithm achieves favorable results against the state-of-the-art methods.
Date of publication 2010
Code Programming Language MATLAB

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