The roles of MCDW and deep water iron supply in sustaining a recurrent phytoplankton bloom on central Pennell Bank (Ross Sea)

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Authors Adam B. Kustka, Josh T. Kohut, Angelicque E. White, Phoebe J. Lam, Allen J. Milligan, Michael S. Dinniman, Stefanie Mack, Elias Hunter, Michael R. Hiscock, Walker O. Smith, Chris I. Measures
Journal/Conference Name Deep-Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers
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Paper Abstract • Mid-summer elevated chl a on central Pennell Bank (CPB) appears to be recurrent. • All algal populations were Fe limited, but CPB stations had high net productivity. • Western flank (WF) MCDW is not rich in dissolved Fe, but is transported to CPB. • A portion of the Fe demand of CPB stations can be explained by vertical supply. • Local sources of Fe may enrich CPB deep water relative to WF MCDW.
Date of publication 2015
Code Programming Language Fortran

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