TutorialVQA: Question Answering Dataset for Tutorial Videos

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Authors Daisy Zhe Wang, Franck Dernoncourt, Siddhesh Gupte, Anthony Colas, Seokhwan Kim, Doo Soon Kim
Journal/Conference Name LREC 2020 5
Paper Category
Paper Abstract Despite the number of currently available datasets on video question answering, there still remains a need for a dataset involving multi-step and non-factoid answers. Moreover, relying on video transcripts remains an under-explored topic. To adequately address this, We propose a new question answering task on instructional videos, because of their verbose and narrative nature. While previous studies on video question answering have focused on generating a short text as an answer, given a question and video clip, our task aims to identify a span of a video segment as an answer which contains instructional details with various granularities. This work focuses on screencast tutorial videos pertaining to an image editing program. We introduce a dataset, TutorialVQA, consisting of about 6,000manually collected triples of (video, question, answer span). We also provide experimental results with several baselines algorithms using the video transcripts. The results indicate that the task is challenging and call for the investigation of new algorithms.
Date of publication 2019
Code Programming Language Unspecified

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