ULOOF: a User Level Online Offloading Framework for Mobile Edge Computing

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Authors Jose Leal D. Neto, Se-Young Yu, Daniel F. Macedo, Jose Marcos S. Nogueira, Rami Langar, Stefano Secci
Journal/Conference Name IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
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Paper Abstract Mobile devices are equipped with limited processing power and battery charge. A mobile computation offloading framework is a software that provides better user experience in terms of computation time and energy consumption, also taking profit from edge computing facilities. This article presents User-Level Online Offloading Framework (ULOOF), a lightweight and efficient framework for mobile computation offloading. ULOOF is equipped with a decision engine that minimizes remote execution overhead, while not requiring any modification in the device's operating system. By means of real experiments with Android systems and simulations using large-scale data from a major cellular network provider, we show that ULOOF can offload up to 73 percent of computations, and improve the execution time by 50 percent while at the same time significantly reducing the energy consumption of mobile devices.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language Java

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