vortexR: an R package for post Vortex simulation analysis.

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Authors Carlo Pacioni, Florian Mayer
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Paper Abstract Summary Population viability analysis is an important tool for wildlife ecologists, geneticists and managers, which is used for the assessment of extinction risks, the evaluation of threatening processes and the establishment of conservation targets. Vortex is among the leading population modelling software and the latest release includes an automated sensitivity test module. However, an equivalent automation of the post-simulation data inspection and analysis is currently missing. vortexR is an R package to automate the analysis and visualisation of outputs from the population viability modelling software Vortex. vortexR facilitates collating Vortex output files, data visualisation and basic analyses (e.g. pairwise comparisons of scenarios), as well as providing more advanced statistics, such as searching for the best regression model(s) from a list of predictors to investigate the main effect and the interaction effects of the variables of interest. This package speeds up and greatly facilitates the reproducibility and portability of post-simulation analysis results.
Date of publication 2017
Code Programming Language R

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