WikiDragon: A Java Framework For Diachronic Content And Network Analysis Of MediaWikis

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Authors er, Sung Y. Song, R{\"u}diger Gleim, Alex Mehler
Journal/Conference Name LREC 2018 5
Paper Category
Paper Abstract We introduce WikiDragon, a Java Framework designed to give developers in computational linguistics an intuitive API to build, parse and analyze instances of MediaWikis such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary or WikiSource on their computers. It covers current versions of pages as well as the complete revision history, gives diachronic access to both page source code as well as accurately parsed HTML and supports the diachronic exploration of the page network. WikiDragon is self-enclosed and only requires an XML dump of the official Wikimedia Foundation website for import into an embedded database. No additional setup is required. We describe WikiDragon’s architecture and evaluate the framework based on the simple English Wikipedia with respect to the accuracy of link extraction, diachronic network analysis and the impact of using different Wikipedia frameworks to text analysis.
Date of publication 2018
Code Programming Language Java

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