Our Chrome Extension

With Science Nest Extension, you can get code for research/scientific papers on Google, Microsoft, Semantic Scholar and ArXiv.

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The extension checks the “search results” of the following academic search engines:
– Google Scholar
– Semantic Scholar
– Microsoft Academic
– ArXiv

For each search result, if the code is available at Science Nest, a link to the paper code is provided. Just click the green “Get Code”.

Otherwise, you are provided with links to either request the code or submit the code if you are the owner of the paper. Just click the orange “Request Code” or the red “Submit Code”.

The extension will also provide you with links to all related papers with code available on Science Nest. Just click our logo in the extension tool bar on the top to see some samples of related papers with code. You can click any of the papers to get its code or you can click “More…” to be redirected to Science Nest with more search results related to your search query.

(Note: our extension needs to be “pinned” to see Science Nest logo in the extension bar.)


  Download The Extension